Horsey McHorsefaceThe research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough has a very impressive name I’m sure you agree, after all it’s named after a national treasure of ours. Let us not forget though the pandemonium caused by the public competition aimed at selecting a name for this research and logistic support ship.

Of course asking the public for suggestions is always a recipe for disaster, but in 2016 the naming poll for this impressive vessel threw up the name of RSS Boaty Mc Boatface as the winning entry. Sadly, despite winning fair and square the powers that be (yes, it went all the way to the top with a a select committee of the House of Lords reviewing the naming decision) decided to opt for the Attenborough name – though one of the submersibles aboard the ship did retain the name Boaty Mcboatface!

The boaty story went viral and has since spawned a number of tributes such as Google coining a natural name parser Parsey McParseface in 2016, and Sea Life at Hunstanton naming the first Humboldt penguin chick to hatch in more than ten years, Fluffy McFluffyface.

Perhaps the biggest tribute of them all to Boaty though is the now popular Australian horse Horsey McHorseface. A few days back Horsey hit the news after recording his first win while being ridden by Keagan Latham. The three year old had already established a big following in the country and now looks set to add to his legion of fans following this New South Wales win. Even Channel 9 News in Australia highlighted his narrow win (just under a length) in the 7f maiden race.

Here’s to hoping this is the first of many wins for Horsey McHorseface!

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