wolverhamptonThe Wolverhampton Racecourse is a race course which, while no longer the top racing course in the UK, was once among the best. Indeed, it was an innovator, being the first to make the use of floodlights: to this day, many an evening event will take place at the racecourse.

With a flat course, it’s a very popular track, with the Tapeta surface and 1-mile long circumference ensuring it’s got a lot of entertainment in every race. One of the quirkier aspects of it, though, is the Americanised design of the racecourse itself. It’s got more left-hand turns than most UK tracks, making it a bit of a stand-out even today.

The first build of this particular track came after close to 50 years of racing in the area. Eventually, it was formed at Dunstall Park and re-vamped numerous times as life has gone on for the course itself. It’s had various improvements over time, with new floodlighting and all-weather tracks installed in the early 90s, followed by grand-stands, restaurants, executive boxes and various other major improvements.

The latest improvements, in 2014, arrived after complaints about the Polytrack surface being used were raised. Eventually, these were changed and the new Tapeta surface was added in. it’s also likely to expand in the near future, with the possible addition of a casino being spoken about.

On the course, the best races include the Lady Wulfruna Stakes as well as the Family Fun Day. In 2012, though, it was the host of the massive Ladies Day event that is so popular across the nation.

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