I’m all for a crappy pun or innuendo, so it goes without saying that when I hear a funny race horse name during racing commentary I laugh myself silly. Check out these two hilarious examples from Youtube:


Hoof Hearted

In fact, many funny horse names are purposefully chosen because of how they’ll sound when the race is being commentated on. Other names due to how rude they sound when you say them, or when you use a certain accent. Others are just plane weird. Check out this list of funny horse names below. Some were accepted, others rejected by racing authorities, but all deserve their place here:

Norfolk Enchanted
Ha ha ha
Sax In The City
Bodacious Tatas
Sarah Jessica Parker
Oh No, It’s My Mother-In-Law
Neigh Good
Stuart’s Inquiry
Oil beef Hooked
Red Hot Filly Pepper
Chit Hot
Juicy Lucy
Fur Calf
Passing Wind
Hugh Janus
Mary Hinge
Go D!ck Go
Betty Swallocks

Here’s a feature from The Graham Norton Show where Minnie Driver reads out a series of horse names rejected by the British Horse Racing Authority. Start the clip at 80 seconds in.

Funny horse pic

Testing, testing, 1,2,3. This is the first post on Wacky Races, A site that hopes you bring you irreverent horse and horse racing themed updates, occasionally interrupted by actual racing tips (god forbid). How many winners I’ll be finding is another issue altogether, but you can’t have it all!