Heated irons, hair spray, backcombing and lack of sleep all take their toll on your hair.So what can you do to get it back to tip tip condition?

It is no secret that celeb’s worldwide are using Mane n Tail horse shampoo on their very own locks. Even the infamous Kim K stocks the bargain £7.50 item in her bathroom cabinet. How on earth did she uncover this beauty secret? She simply looked at some of the most stylish horses racing around the showground. In fact most of these horses have better hair than you. Here are the top 5:

  1. Maximus uses Rapunzels shampoo

This beautiful palomino horse is blessed with a chestnut base. It holds a cream gene which gives the creamy white mane.

  1. Kim K eat your heart out

Black beauty eat your heart out! There isn’t a fleek of dandruff in sight on this beautiful mare.

  1. Emo bangs on point

I can imagine this emo horse stays in its stable a lot listening to rock music and hating on its owners.

  1. Rasta horse

This gorgeous horse would not look out of place on a Caribbean beach.


  1. 80’s Barbie Babe

Barbie called, she wants her hair back!

Another example of a Palomino breed with chestnut coat and cream locks and not a bottle of bleach in site.

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